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The Polarized Electron Source Group is responsible for generating the polarized electrons used at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). This is accomplished by illuminating a photocathode with circular polarized light. The Polarized Electron Source Group personnel is responsible for maintaining the Polarized Light Source (PLS) and the photo injector, which creates the polarized electrons for fixed target experiments at SLAC. The photoinjector also delivers the unpolarized electron beam required by the PEPII program. Besides insuring uninterrupted operation of the injector, a considerable amount of R&D is carried out in the area of laser system and photocathode development.

Artist's rendering of the Polarized Electron Source in the Gun Test Lab

Injector and support facilities

The injector (CID)

The polarized electron gun

The LoadLock

The YAG-Ti laser

The Flash-Ti laser


Gun Test Lab

Cathode Test Lab

Ultra-high purity water station

High Voltage Test Facility


 December 12, 2007 Holiday luncheon at Dutch Goose

 July 18, 2007 Lunch with Katerina Ioakeimidi at Shiok Singapore Kitchen, Menlo Park

 February 13, 2007 Shi-Lun Pei (IHEP) seminar photos

 December 19, 2006 Holiday luncheon at Dutch Goose


 March 28, 2005 Farwell to Luh


December 2004 Yuri Mamaev at SLAC


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Source Monitoring Responsibilities

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SLCPOLSOURCE Tech Notes (SLAC only).

R. Alley, et al., The Stanford Linear Accelerator Polarized Electron Source, SLAC-PUB-6489, Mar. 1995, 76 pp. (PDF 3.38 MB)

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 Advances in Polarized Electron Sources for High-Energy Accelereators (CharlieFest Jan. 27, 2006)

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Polarization Seminar

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Approved High Energy Physics Experiments Using Polarized Electrons

End Station A (ESA) Experiments


Photos at end of E158 III data run, Sept. 10, 2003


Grants for polarized beam R&D (SLAC only)



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2003 Polarized Gun Cathode Installation

AD Polarized Electron Source Operator Certification Summary and Keys Issued



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