Memorandum – DRAFT (input please!)

April 27, 1999

To: MCC Operations, AD Distribution

From: Howard Smith, Mike Stanek

Topic: DRAFT – Reconfiguring Accelerator Systems for PEP/FFTB


Beginning Wednesday May 5th we shall commence reconfiguration of the Accelerator Systems for the upcoming PEP run, as well as for an E157 run. This turn on shall present a series of complications above and beyond those seen previously. Complications include:

electron pulse intensities (~1.5e10, ~2.5e10, ~4.5e10), (and later <2e9 for HER top-off) all of the "normal" surprises.

The goal shall be to have both e+/e- available for PEP injection as well as an E157 beam available in BSY as early as May 10th. We feel strongly that if we want to succeed at this goal, the initial setup emphasis should be placed upon the most difficult to establish beam, i.e. the E157 beam. We anticipate that this shall delay the availability of e+/e- to PEP compared to a setup absent of E157. In what follows (sort of a timeline, or "order of operations"), we adopt this strategy.

Prior to May 5th: (OPS, Area Managers)


Setup of e- to NLTR (Turner, OPS) [Estimate: 2-3 shifts]

Goal: 4.5e10 (BC6), 2.2e10 (BC11), and 1.2e10 (BC9) bunch intensities in the NLTR.



Setup of ~1.2e10 e- thru NDR to 2-9 dump. (OPS, Krejick) [4-5 shifts]


Startup configs:

NDR magnets Normal 660 ? (R56 change and couple tunes after beam re-established)

Inj-NDR 1st turn (BC9) reference orbit Normal 3

NDR stored orbit (BC9) reference orbit ????

NDR extracted to 2-9 (BC8) reference orbit Normal 314?

NDR timing configs scratch:






KNRING scratch Normal 239 ??

2-24 magnets scratch Normal 412 ??

Goal: TMIT ~ 1.2e10 e-/pulse

Emittance < 5.0 x 1.0 e-5 meter radians.


Setup of all three e- beams to 2-9 dump. (OPS, Krejick) [2 shifts]

Goal: Three beams (~4/2/1 e10 e-/pulse, interlaced)

Emittance < 5.0x1.0 e-5 meter radians.

>90% NDR throughput

All feedback loops on.

Setup E157 Beam 30.0 GeV (BC3) to 52SL2: [2 shifts dedicated, +2-3 parasitic]

Startup configs:

2-24 magnets scratch XXXX.

K2-24 scratch XXXX (BNS profile same as 2/99).

TIM2-24 (klystron compliments)

BC 8 scratch XXXX.

BC 6 scratch XXXX.

BC 10 scratch XXXX.

to be adjusted per klystron station availability.

all these beam codes.



Setup PEP e- to HE EXT and ST6049. [2 shifts]

Startup configs (per Iverson Memo/script)

LINAC magnets and klystron compliment as per above.

Reference orbit BC8 Normal 314.

PEP2INJH magnets Normal 143

Procedure for this is tricky. There shall be BNS damping for the E157 beam which the PEP beam shall not see. Need to "dial up" the BC8 phase ramp to put the BC8 electrons up upon the crest of the RF bucket (~20 degrees different than the E157 electrons), then compensate for the additional energy by lowering BC8 off of the crest of the SLED pulse. FJD needed for this?


Setup Scavenger e- to e+ source @ 25 GeV: (OPS) [0.5 shifts]

Startup configs:

EXT magnets scratch XXX

Scavenger BPM reference Normal 170 ??

If not on screen with initial spinning of energy knob, try carefully lowering lamberston strengths to get beam to screen (i.e. past collimator 178). IC readouts can be helpful. Once on screen, find missing energy (phase, whatever) and recover lambertson magnets to config values.

Establish BC10 25 GeV, 2.0e10, 10 Hz to e+ target.

Phase klystrons as necessary.

Energy Feedback operational, gold orbit XXX.


Commission e+ source to East Turnaround: (Kulikov?, OPS) [1 shifts]

Startup Configs:

EPOSLINE magnets Normal 210 ??

KPOS Normal 445 ??

Reference orbits Normal 81 ?? for EP01 to EP05.

Goal: Establish a yield to ETA (TMIT toro 812/ TMIT toro 376) > 2.0


Setup e+ ETA to SLTR: (Kulikov?, OPS) [2 shifts]

Goal: 1.5 to 2.0e10 to end of SLTR.

Tune up e+ in SDR to SRTL stopper. (Krejick,OPS) [2-3 shifts]

Startup Configs:

SDR magnets Normal 445 (w/ partial SRTL from SLC).

KSRING Normal 199 ??

SDR 1st turn reference orbit scratch XXX.

SDR stored reference orbit - zero per PKR.

SRTL reference orbit Normal 99 ??.

Setup e+ SRTL -> 2-9 dump. (OPS) [1 shift – interferes with PEP e-]

Startup configs per above.

Goal: TMIT ~1.3 e10 e+/pulse.

Emittance < 5.0 x 1.0 e-5 meter radians.



Setup e+ SDR -> Sector 30 stopper 9049. (OPS) [2-4 shifts]

Startup configs (per Iverson memo):

LINAC magnets and klystron compliment as per above.

Reference orbit BC6 Normal 99.

PEP2INJL magnet config normal 98.

Setup Extraction/Bypass Line Diagnostics. (OPS) [1 shift]

Wire scanner setup. Find all three wires on each of the following


e- LI11 4077 (energy)

LI13 4371 (betatron)

e+ LI04 6450 (energy)

LI07 6701 (betatron)

Update default scan ranges.

For the betatron wires, try to get a quad emittance measurement for each both planes each beam.

Mop Up/Contingency. (OPS)

Address any outstanding problems in above setup.

Confirm that beam survives klystron compliment changes and resultant LEM changes.

Complete any outstanding klystron phasing.

Database Models correct.


E- to HER => 12-14 shifts

E+ to LER => additional 12-14 shifts