EKM-01 SA137-511-01 IR-6     92/2/7 NDR-INJ 92/11/30 8 CELLS SCRAP
  Long mag.             Operated 2000 hrs   
  No cooling                
EKM-02 REV 1 MFD     92/5/15 NDR-EXT 92/11/30 Operated 129 days SCRAP
  First short mag. Heavy fab           Scrapped  
  No cooling bldg. 026           95/3/1  
EKM-03 Partial doc. PCD     92/2/5 SDR-EXT 93/2/7   SCRAP
  No cooling storage     93/2/7 NDR-EXT 93/9/7 (208 days)  
EKM-04 Partial doc. AMSS Arc detector testing SA-237- 93/1/11 NDR-EXT 93/2/7 Magnet & chamber STORAGE
  Water cooled Bldg. 15   113-20-E1 93/12/3 SDR-EXT 94/2/28 covered with soot from Possible used
        16-01 94/12/17 NDR-INJ 96/2/29 1996 NDR fire spare
EKM-05 Partial doc. MFD   SA-237- 93/1/5 SDR-INJ 93/2/4 Radiation damaged. STORAGE
  Water cooled Heavy fab 113-20-E1 94/2/28 SDR-INJ 95/11/21 Potential bellows sheild damage Used spare
    bldg. 026 CHB 68 (old)       Needs new wedge/LIC  
EKM-06 Partial doc MFD Retested to  SA-237- 92/12/20 NDR-INJ 93/2/7 Qualified 4/21/94 SCRAP
  Water cooled Heavy fab 40 KV 113-20-E1 93/12/3 SDR-INJ 94/2/28 Bellows shield damage  
    bldg. 026   CHB 57 98/2/9 SDR-INJ 99/11/3 repaired.  
                Epoxy cracked in magnet  
EKM-07 Partial doc. AMSS   Repaired  93/1/5 SDR-INJ 93/2/7 Approved for NLCTA NLCTA 
  Water cooled Bldg. 15 old chamber 93/2/7 NDR-INJ 93/9/7 Signs of arcing Spare
EKM-08 Partial doc. RAMSY   SA-237- 92/12/20 NDR-EXT 93/1/11 Ceramic chamber broke SCRAP
  Water cooled Bldg 480   113-20-E1 93/11/18 NDR-EXT 96/2/29 Magnet severely burned  
EKM-09 SA-127-511-55 End station Retested to  Repaired 93/2/24 SDR-INJ 93/2/24 Approved for NLCTA NLCTA
    B 40 KV old chamber 93/4/6 SDR-INJ 93/9/7 Testing completed INSTALLED
          95/5/9 ESB-SPD   Installed in NLCTA  
EKM-10 SA-137-511-55 MFD     96/3/6 NDR-INJ 97/2/11 Special wedge made. Refurbished
    Heavy fab         Epoxy has rad damage. Needs chamber
    bldg. 026           Possible used spare  
EKM-11 SA-137-511-55 MFD   SA-237- 93/11/18 NDR-INJ 94/12/17 Vacuum leak on  SCRAP
    Heavy fab 113-20-E1       ceramic chamber  
    bldg. 026           RAD damage  
          99/11/20     Removed wedge Will inst. in 15
EKM-12 SA-137-511-55 MFD Tested to SA-237- 94/2/28 SDR-EXT ? Installed with chamber Old chamber
    Rad storage 40 KV 113-20-E1       New potting techs Need to verify
    Bldg. 026   CHB 15-01         condition
EKM-13 SA-137-511-55 MFD   SA-237- 97/2/11 NDR-INJ 97/11/12 Severe epoxy damage SCRAP
    PIG   113-20-E1       4 RAD on ends see OHP RAD storage
    Bldg. 025   CHB 60       Coating is 11.1 ? contaminated
EKM-14 SA-137-511-55 MFD   SA-237- 95/11/21 SDR-INJ 98/2/9 Severe epoxy damage SCRAP
    Rad storage   113-20-E1       See OHP RAD
    bldg. 026   CHB 00       Coating is 14.9? storage
EKM-15 SA-137-511-55 MFD Tested to  SA-237- 96/2/29 NDR-INJ 96/3/6 Installed rebuilt chamber  RAD
    Rad storage 40 KV 113-20-E1 97/2/11 NDR-EXT 99/12/2 Bad B-Dot storage
    bldg. 026           Needs wedge/LIC  
EKM-16 SA-137-511-55 MFD     96/2/29 NDR-EXT 97/2/11 Epoxy has rad damage. Refurbished
    Heavy fab           Possible used spare. Needs chamber
    bldg. 026              
EKM-17 SA-137-511-55 ATF-KEK Checked-out to SA-237- 96/6/6 ATF-INJ   Qualified 12/16/94 Operating
    Japan 30 KV at ATF 113-20-E1         at
        CHB 71         KEK
EKM-18 SA-137-511-55 MFD   SA-237- 97/11/12 NDR-INJ 98/2/1 Unit inspected SCRAP
    PIG   113-20-E1       Prepare for salvage See OHP
    Bldg. 025           High rad, Contaminated  
EKM-19 SA-237-511-55 NDR Tested to  SA-237- 98/3/18 NDR-INJ   Chamber bellows and IN NDR
      40 KV 113-20-E1       shield damaged and  
        CHB 101       repaired  
EKM-20 SA-137-511-55 SDR Tested to  SA-237-   SDR-EXT   Bad Socket IN SDR
      40 KV 113-20-E1 99/11/3 SDR_INJ   Socket repaired, LIC inst.  
        CHB 102          
EKM-21 SA-137-511-55 MFD     96/8/6 Proto test 96/8/22 Epoxy has rad damage. Rad
    PIG     98/2/1 NDR-INJ 98/3/18 Damage similar to storage
    Bldg. 025           EKM-18  
EKM-22 SA-137-511-55 NDR Tested to    99/8/12 NDR-EXT   Modified Mycalex IN NDR
      40 KV            
EKM-23 SA-137-511-55 SDR     99/3/11 SDR-EXT   Potting ground plates. IN SDR
EKM-24 SA-137-511-55             Verbal approval  
                May 27,1998   
                Wednesday AIP meeting  
EKM-25 SA-137-511-55             Verbal approval  
              May 27,1998   
                Wednesday AIP meeting  
EKM-26 SA-137-511-55             Verbal approval  
                May 27,1998   
              Wednesday AIP meeting  
EKM-27 SA-137-511-55           Verbal approval  
                May 27,1998   
                Wednesday AIP meeting  
EKM-28 SA-137-511-55           Parts only  
EKM-29 SA-137-511-55           Parts only  
EKM-30 SA-137-511-55           Parts only  
EKM-31 SA-137-511-55         Parts only  

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