SDR Vault Ceiling Penetration Drilling

The RF system upgrade involves relocation of  the Damping Ring klystrons.  They are currently located in high radiation areas of the Damping Ring Vaults and will be moved  to the upstairs Kicker Support Buildings.  This requires drilling through the vault ceiling to access an existing penetration for the rerouting of the RF wave guide.

The following photos document the preparation and work which was involved in accomplishing the task for the South Damping Ring.


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Damping Ring  covered in plastic sheeting.
 Ceiling draped to contain slurry. 
Preparation for drilling from above vault.
Preparation for drilling at bottom of penetration, which is top of SDR vault ceiling.
Setting up pilot hole drill.
Pilot hole drilling in progress. 
Pilot hole breaks through into vault  within 2 inches of estimated location.
18" core drill being lowered into penetration.
Close-up of the diamond cutting edges of the core drill
Core drilling in progress.
Core drill breaks through into vault leaving the core resting on two metal support beams.
Core is withdrawn from above.
Core is removed at top of penetration.
Core being removed from Kicker Support Building.
Detail showing existing micro cracks extending the length of the 44" core.
Penetration complete with light from Kicker Building shining through.
Thanks to Lombardo for a job well done!

Finished stainless sleeve and collar with  cover plate and drain, mounted on ceiling.

The project was completed safely and in a timely manner.  The personnel were knowledgeable and careful to pay attention to detail, so there was virtually no impact on the damping ring systems during the entire job.
Work on the North Damping Ring Penetration is scheduled for the September 1999 Downtime.



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