DR2000 Workshop

SLAC Damping Rings in the 21st Century

April 6-7, 1998 at the Boulevard, Woodside

Workshop Summary

Patrick Krejcik

This summary is intended to recap briefly the presentations of the last two days and to give us an overview of the workshop theme.

    1. In the introduction (after reviewing the present performance) we began with a list of the future operating requirements for the rings:

      b. McKee - reviewed history of failure modes for mechanical and vacuum systems.

      c. Ross - concerns over radiation levels and damage

      b. Stanek - SLC operation of Damping Rings

      c. Pennacchi - Area Manager perspective

      b. Woodley - implementation of low energy lattice

      c. Spencer - magnet pole modifications

      d. Zimmerman - frequency shift

      e. General discussion session

      b. Akre - klystron reliability review

      c. Hill - relocating the existing klystron

      d. Hill - upgrading old interlock system

      e. Corredoura - upgrade to low level RF control

      f. Tighe - pulsed operation of RF control

      g. Neubauer - RF cavity windows

      h. Judkins - S-Band feedback loop

      i. McKee, Schwarz - RF cavity tuners

      j. Schwarz - tuning outside the cavity

      b. Turner - energy spread instrumentation in transfer lines


Thank you to all participants for the excellent quality of the presentations, which will make the proceedings a useful reference and guide for future evolution of the damping rings in the next millennium!