Damping Rings Beam Measurements and Accelerator Physics Page

This page is our first attempt in trying to present recent damping ring measurements. It will serve as a record of measurements and also allow others to access our results and provide us with feedback.

 Some of the graphics  are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat to view them. If you find that your browser does not yet have that plugin, you can Download Adobe Acrobat from here.


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Dynamic Tune Measurements

Recent measurements using a Gated Tune Analyzer allowed us to study the change in betatron tune during the 16 ms store time of the beam.

Tune Coupling Measurements

North Damping Ring Coupling is measured with a spectrum analyzer and minimized using the closest tune approach.

Vertical Emittance Tuning

North Damping Ring emittance is measured with a quadrupole scan on the RTL wire after orbit steering through the extraction region.
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