South Damping Ring Magnet Upgrade

AIP 68-22

P. Krejcik
E. Bong
3/17/99 (St Patrick's Day)

Status Report

Half of the SDR has now been completed

        Top and bottom coils in 20 of the 40 SDR dipoles have now been replaced

        This is both ahead of schedule and twice as many as we planned for this downtime.

MFD is winding dipole trim coils for spares inventory and LTR's and RTL's installation.

Winding of remaining dipole coils has been paused while MFD winds DR quadrupole coils to replace ones with damaged terminal blocks.
Winding of remaining dipole coils should resume in time for the September downtime.
So far 3 SDR quadrupoles have been refurbished (12 coils) with new coils, terminal blocks and bridge connections.

Click here for an image of a completed dipole and quadrupole and here for an old dipole and quadrupole.

  The current quantities of Damping Ring coils is:

QF coils:    3 magnets
QD coils:    3 magnets
QD Trims:    7 magnets

Bend Coils:  7 coils
Bend Trims:  14 coils

One of the radiation damaged sextupoles had to be removed from the NDR when the vacuum chamber was removed for repair.
                    $201k (including G & A) allocated

                    -$102k used through 2/99

                   $99k remaining.