Damping Ring Magnets and Supports
New AIP Project


P. Krejcik
E. Bong







16 Y-girder magnet supports for the NDR and SDR

based on arc magnet supports, $2-3k ea. à $32-48k

better estimate will come after design work started.


Propose girder-by-girder replacement of these magnet coils, rather than wholesale replacement of coils on 40 magnets (cost effective).

1 girder has 5 QFs and 5 QDs requiring 40 coils à $40k

Installation takes approximately 8 man-weeks per girder (based on our knowledge that bends take 6 man-weeks per girder).

At $60/hour à installation per girder is $19.2k

The coils that are removed are then refurbished with new terminations and jumpers so that the next girder can be replaced in a subsequent down-time.

The present coil block fittings are brass (easily damaged) and are either soft soldered (cracks easily) or threaded with PTF sealant (corrosion damage). New design uses brazed stainless fittings.

Refurbishment costs for these girders amounts to:

For 40 magnets

320 termination blocks at $25 ea. à $8k

120 jumpers at $20 ea. à $2.4k

Total cost

$40k coils

$19.2k x 4 = $76.8k installation

$8k fittings



+$40k for the Y-girder magnet supports

$167k total