South Damping Ring Magnet Upgrade
AIP 68-22
P. Krejcik
E. Bong

Project Priorities

Manufacture 80 new bend coils to replace failure prone (spliced) coils in all the SDR dipoles.

Replenish our stock of bend magnet trim coils, used up during NDR bend coil replacement project. Some trim coils also to be installed in beamline bend magnets.

Refurbish SDR QD's and QF's for coil block corrosion damage.

Replace SDR magnet supports with newer NDR style to permit changing of bottom coils without venting ring.



Status This is a continuation of work begun in the NDR where bend coils were replaced downtime before last. NDR coils had suffered overheating as well as corrosion problems.  


Budget $201k (including G & A) allocated

-$50k used through 10/98

-$27k used in 11/98

$124k remaining.