Rotation Projects with Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope and CTA

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Current available projects (Fall/2011):

Stefan Funk's research interests are related to High-energy Astrophysics, in particular Gamma-ray astronomy in the GeV and TeV energy band to understand particle acceleration in astrophysical sources and dark matter annihilation cross sections. A research opportunity exists for student to work on various topics related to a) data analysis and interpretation of data from the Fermi-LAT (in the energy range between 20 MeV and 100 GeV, a previously largely unexplored window of the electromagnetic spectrum), in particular on the low-energy response of the instrument, the Fermi bubbles or on the Crab Nebula flares. b) development of identification strategies of GeV and TeV gamma-ray sources using Multi-frequency data from radio to X-rays and c) optimization studies or hardware development for the next-generation future ground-based TeV gamma-ray instrument CTA (operating in the energy range between 30 GeV and 100 TeV).

Contact persons:  Prof. Stefan Funk