Rotation Projects
with BaBar Experiment

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Current available projects (Spring/2010):

Group B is looking for one or two rotations students this coming quarter, and over the next academic year. The students will work in small teams together with other graduate students, post docs and research staff on analysis tasks of the unique BaBar data sample of 300 million B mesons and much more. Analysis of initial state radiation allows high precision results of the precision (g-2) experiment at BNL. Ongoing studies of radiative B decays are testing our understanding of the SM. Current measurements of the weak decay constant as measured in Ds meson decays needs help. There is a strong, small group working on Dalitz plot analysis of B and D decays, that would be fun, profitable and a great learning opportunity. In addition, the group has ongoing detector development activities that would allow a rotation student opportunities to learn about hardware in general, and fast timing and particle identification devices, in particular.

Contact persons: Prof. David Leith, Dr. Blair Ratcliff.