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The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) was founded in 1962, formerly known as Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. A brief summary of the history and the facilities can be found on the SLAC Virtual Visitor Center. A unique arrangement at SLAC is that it is not only a national laboratory but also a school in the academic system of Stanford University with the SLAC director being the dean of the SLAC school. SLAC faculty members in the Particle Physics and Astrophysics (PPA) faculty and Photon Science faculty also formally supervise Ph.D graduate students with student enrollment through Stanford Physics Department and Applied Physics Department. This web page contains information for students working with the SLAC PPA faculty, including the associated accelerator physics research.   

SLAC Particle Physics and Astrophysics Faculty

Latest Events

New Graduate Student Orientation SLAC program (Sep/7-8/2014)
Prospective graduate student openhouse SLAC program (Apr/1-2/2014)
New graduate student orientation SLAC program (Sep/19-20/2013)
Prospective graduate student openhouse SLAC day program (Apr/8/2013)
New graduate student orientation SLAC day program   (Sep/20/2012)
Prospective graduarte student open house SLAC PPA program introduction (Lance Dixon Mar/2012)
New graduate student orientation SLAC day program   (Sep/22/2011)
Stanford open house Apr/5-6/2011 (PPA program at SLAC) for prospective Stanford graduate students
New graduate student orientation particle/astro/accelerator session at SLAC   (Sep/16/2010)
SLAC open house Apr/2/2010 for prospective Stanford graduate students
New graduate student orientation particle/astro/accelerator session at SLAC  (Sep/16/2009)

Research Programs and Opportunities

Particle Physics and Astrophysics Science Program

Program infoformation and Rotation Projects:

Programs without dedicated web page for rotation projects may still have opportunities. Some rotation project pages may be not updated from time to time. It is best to ask each program for current project availability in any case.
Elementary Particle Physics (EPP)
Progam Rotations
ATLAS projects
CDMS Check with Dr. Rich Partridge
EXO projects
Heavy Photon Search Experiment projects
LBNE and MicroBooNE Check with Dr. Mark Convery
Linear Collider Detector SiD @ ILC
Particle Physics Theory projects
Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology with KIPAC 
Accelerator Physics 

Procedures and Forms

Research Assistantships

Academic Progress/Guide for Physics Students

Practical Information

  Information for SLAC Visitors
  Marguerite shuttle: Live Update, Schedule (then look for SLAC line)

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SLAC PPA graduate student program manager: Prof. Dong Su (  for research information
SLAC PPA graduate student office administration: Judy Meo (  for general info and procedures  

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