Panels: MRvcmt

DISPLAY (for the selected package):
Requirements file. You can edit this file directly within the panel. For example:
  • C-a beginning of line
  • C-e end of line
  • C-f forward one char
  • C-b backward one char
  • C-p up one line
  • C-n down one line
  • C-l center the panel on the cursor
  • C-d delete one char after the cursor
  • C-h delete one char before the cursor
  • C-k delete to end of line

and then

  • C-s save file
  • C-c copy
  • C-v paste

Note: To save any changes, you can also move the mouse out of the panel and reply "yes" in response to the popup dialog.

Output of the command: cmt show uses.
Output of the command: cmt show macros.
Output from several cmt commands, including (among others): cmt show sets, cmt show tags, and cmt show patterns.
Release Notes:
Contents of the release.notes file; includes information on the tag history.
  Note: File can be edited directly in the same way as in the Requirements panel.
Output of the CVS changelog file.
Output of cmt command (like config) or dev command (like make). In some cases (e.g., after the end of compilation of a package), this panel is opened automatically by MRvcmt. Pressing the right mouse button will cause a context menu to be displayed, showing the various options and commands relevant to this panel. One of the options enables MRvcmt to highlight errors and warnings during compilation. If this option has been set, double-clicking on a highlighted line causes the preferred editor to open on that line.


Last updated by: Chuck Patterson 02/07/2005