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MRvcmt functionalities available from this menu bar are as follows:

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MRvcmt toolbars (Packages, Dev, Exe, CVS, Misc, Find, and Package Browser)

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Package Browser: Enable CVS parsing of files

  Cmt Options panel See Setting up MRvcmt Options: Desktop Machine or SLAC Public.
Packages Package Command panel From this menu it is possible to issue all the package related commands of MRvcmt. For example,

To refresh the package tree:

  1. Open the checkout dialog to download a new package from the repository.
  2. Create a new package
  3. add all the dependencies of the selected package

Note: It must be a real checkout package in order for this to work.

  1. delete the selected package from the local tree
  2. spawn a shell window with all the environment for the selected package set up.
Dev All MRvcmt Development Commands For example, it is possible to config, make, and clean the selected package.


  • On Linux platforms you can start debug (if properly set up in the preferences panel).
  • On Windows platforms you can start the Visual Studio environment, update the project file, and clean the support files (using sysclean).
Cvs CVS Operations For example, you can:
  • commit local changes to the CVS repository
  • update the selected package
  • simulate an update with the update -n item
  • import the current package in the CVS repository
  • start the rtag panel
  • ask for the status of the package.
Help Help Items Note: Currently, the only help item available is the About panel which provides information on the creators of MRvcmt and the version number.


Last updated by: Chuck Patterson 11/08/2006