Note: Quit MRvcmt is displayed whether or not any of the other toolbars available under the View button have been toggled on or off.

The following toolbars can be toggled to Show/Hide status from the drop-down menu displayed when you click on the View button.

Packages Toolbar:

Note: From the Packages button's dropdown menu, you can also lock or unlock a package.

Dev(elopment) Toolbar:

Linux Users: Specify the CMTCONFIG (e.g., rh9_gcc32 or rh9_gc32opt) as discussed in:
Setting up MRvcmt Options (Desktop Machine).

Exe(cutable) Toolbar:

CVS Toolbar:

  • Commit the package last changes to the repository.
  • Update the (current) package.
  • Call rtag for the package.
  • Look at the CVS status of the package.


  • Rtag (the current package); a dialog allows the user to increment the last tag by its major, minor, or patch version; or to specify a custom tag name (in case the tag name doesn't follow this policy).

This function automatically modifies (in the Concurrent Versions System) the requirements file, updating the version name and prompting the user to add a new entry in the release.notes file.

  • Other CVS commands (available from the Cvs button's dropdown menu), include:
    • Update -n (simulate an update)
    • Import (the current package in the repository)

Misc(ellaneous) Toolbar:

  User Command [i.e., when you enter a command (e.g., dir) and then click on the green arrow, a shell window will be opened and the command will be executed].

Find Toolbar:

  Find text.


Last updated by: Chuck Patterson 02/06/2006