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Launching MRvcmt (Desktop Installation)

Note: It is recommended that you create a shortcut to the MRvcmt executable and place it on your desktop. (See Creating a Shortcut to MRvcmt.)

To launch MRvcmt (without a shortcut):

    1. Open a shell.
    1. Assuming that you have checked out MRvcmt into a subdirectory called v0r8 (as shown below), go to that directory, e.g., enter:

      > cd v0r8

    2. To start up the application, enter:

      > ruby vcmt.rb

    Note: The first time you try to launch MRvcmt, you may receive a message that you need the FOX library and asking if you want to download and install it. Answer "y".

The FOX library will be installed in your MRvcmt directory (under subdir redist). After installation, MRvcmt will launch automatically.


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