Example: E-mail Response to a Simple Job Submitted to SLACs Batch Farm

Job <hostname> was submitted from host <noric06> by user <chuckp>.
Job was executed on host(s) <fell0084>, in queue <short>, as user <chuckp>.
</u/gl/chuckp> was used as the home directory.
</u/gl/chuckp> was used as the working directory.
Started at Thu Oct 8 13:35:02 2009
Results reported at Thu Oct 8 13:35:02 2009

Your job looked like:

# LSBATCH: User input

Successfully completed.

Resource usage summary:

CPU time : 0.08 sec.
Max Memory : 1 MB
Max Swap : 12 MB

Max Processes : 1
Max Threads : 1

The output (if any) follows: