ACD Trending from AcdVetoCal runs

The AcdVetoCal script pulses the charge injection strobe in increasing values of tci_dac and mesures the veto_dac values where the veto line fires
We only fit the curve in the low range (0-23 tci_dac) of the charge injection. We keep track of the following values. Note that the veto_dac step size is about the same as the tci_dac step size. This means that the curves are quite step-like. The test points here are the "CPT" tests list in the full list of ACD test phases


Plot of values


Plot of diff W.R.T. reference

Intercept of veto v. tci_dac curve.
Range: 0 - 80
Slope of veto v. tci_dac curve.
Range: -2. - 0
MSE of points in veto v. tci_dac curve.
Range: 0. - 40

Eric Charles
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