ACD Trending from AcdGafeNoise runs

The AcdGafeNoise script pulses the charge injection strobe with input charge, but with very small values of the veto_dac and veto_vernier settings.
We scan the veto_vernier setting to map out the noise floor in the veto line
For each channel we measure the following values. Note that the result is expressed in terms of veto_dac counts. The veto_vernier step is about 1/32 of the veto_dac step.
The test points here are the "LPT" tests list in the full list of ACD test phases


Plot of values


Plot of diff W.R.T. reference

Noise floor of veto_dac, veto_vernier
Expressed as 64 - (veto_dac + veto_vernier/32)
Width of turn on curve (ERFC) of veto_noise
Range: 0 - 0.4
Expressed as veto_dac + veto_vernier/32
Chi2 of ERFC fit to noise data
Range: 0 - 100

Eric Charles
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