ACD Trending from AcdHoldDelay runs

The AcdHoldDelay script pulses the charge injection strobe in increasing values of hold_delay (number of counts before the shaper signal is latched) and mesures the pha values.
This script tries to measure the peak of the output curve.
We can only set the hold delay on a garc basis. So we have to try and get the value that best suits all 18 channels in a garc.
For each garc we keep track of the following values. The test points here are the "CPT" tests list in the full list of ACD test phases


Plot of values


Plot of diff W.R.T. reference

Hold Delay set points
Value depends on timing parameters
Should be 26 for current settings
RMS of Hold Delay set points
Range: 0 - 4

Eric Charles
Last modified: Thu Oct 12 17:54:37 PDT 2006