ACD Integration and Test Documents
Description Submitted By Date Format
ACD Phototube Helium Sensitivity
Dave Thompson Jan 28, 2004 PDF
LAT Electronics - ACD - Interface Document for Testing
Dave Thompson Feb 6, 2003 PDF
Performance Monitoring and In-Flight Calibration
Dave Thompson Jan 29, 2003 PDF
The ACD Electronics Module - A Primer Dave Thompson Jan 24, 2003 PDF
Test-Stand Architecture Redux Dave Thompson Jan 24, 2003 PDF
Report on the Vibration Tile Performance Tests
Dave Thompson Dec 30, 2002 PDF
ACD Functional Test Plans (Comprehensive Performance Test)
Dave Thompson Dec 30, 2002 PDF
Structural Design and Test Loads for the GLAST Anti-Coincidence Detector (ACD) Dave Thompson Dec 18, 2002 PDF
TDA-PMT-Resistor Network End-to-End Thermal-Vacuum Test Procedure Dave Thompson Dec 3, 2002 PDF
ACD Subsystem Integration and Test Plan Dave Thompson Apr 30, 2002 PDF
Last Updated: May 20, 2004