List of Offline COMMONs, Variable Endings and Purposes

This table of COMMON block variable name endings was compiled by Bill Molzon on December 15, 1993. anawir.common aw analyser data caladc.common cs adc calibration caladt.common cd more adc calibration calcer.common ck cerenkov calibration calfla.common cf flasher calflg.common cl more flasher calmho.common ch mho calibration calmrg.common cr mrg calibration calpbg.common cg pbg calibration calpcw.common pm drift cell calibration calped.common cp pbg ped information calref.common cr reference tube calsvg.common cs laser averages caltsc.common ct tsc calibration calwir.common cw wire chamber cal clscut.common kc event type cl's clsevt.common ke event classification clsprm.common kp event class. params clssum.common ks event class. summary clstrk.common kt track class. results cutevt.common ce event cut results cutprm.common cp event cutting flags cutsum.common ct job cut summary drvadc.common da derived adc drvcer.common dk derived cer drvdrf.common fd derived adc drift drvmho.common dh derived mho drvmrg.common dr derived mrg drvpbg.common dg derived pbg drvped.common dd derived peds drvprm.common dp drvexe controlq drvtsc.common dt derived tsc drvwir.common dw derived wirechambers ecgamm.common eg eck3bd.common 3k gamma reconstruction eckaon.common ek more gamma reconstruction ecparm.common em gamma reconstruction params ecpion.common ep pizero reconstruction commons ectrak.common et pbg track counter assoc. efftsc.common et tsc efficiencies evbeoe.common end of event evberr.common er raw event buffer errors evbfin.common in raw event buffer evbfio.common io read statistics evbfrd.common rd read control words and status evbloc.common loc crate mapping evbnet.common var old network handler evbspl.common sc event header info evedbg.common ed level 3 upload common eveout.common feo emulator output buffer eveprm.common ep emulator control evstrm.common ek event stream bits for offline evtloc.common tb turbo buffer map evturb.common tur turbo buffer evuadc.common ua unpacked evuhdr.common uh unpacked header evulat.common ul unpacked hardware latch evuprm.common ev unpacking flags evutdc.common ut unpacked tdc's except wires evuwir.common uw unpacked wires ft3dtr.common f3 track parameters internal to ft code ftcovr.common fc parameters for ft fitting ftcovt.common ft covariance matrices in ft code ftparm.common fp more ft fitting parameters ftsrvb.common fb bftran parameters fttrak.common fk ft output track parameters ftwir2.common f2 copy of ftwire with mult. tracks ftwire.common fw hit information for fitting track fvmass.common fm mass after vertex fitting ft fvxver.common fv one ft vertex fitting idxbad.common bad bad block information idxbde.common bde bad run information idxcer.common xk cerenkov mapping idxcom.common com common mapping idxmho.common xh mho mapping idxmrg.common xr muon range mapping idxpbg.common xg pbg mapping idxraw.common rw crate mapping idxtrl.common tx trigger masks idxtsc.common xt tsc mapping idxuct.common ux latch, adc, tdc mapping idxupd.common up updating scheme indices jcdflt.common sj bit flags (jbtpus,/jcopts) jcflag.common fg job control flags jcopts.common op flags for options in jctprm.common tp tape handling jcuser.common us user flags (kievus) mcrdat.common rm mc particle information mcrept.common ep track termination information mcrgp1.common pg monte carlo generator parameters mcrlst.common pl particle decay mcrprm.common jm mc job control parameters mcrspn.common spn spin data (probably unused) mcrsum.common ms accumulated mc event statistics mcscdt.common ms multiple scattering table mcseed.common seed# contains aseed,iseed,bseed mntwir.common mw wire meantime information offwrk.common ar workar scratch ptbdlt.common pf bdl table plus grid info ptcrpm.common pm patcor parameters ptcupl.common pc hit wire pairs ptcupt.common xc tsc hit pairs ptdebg.common pp patrec dubug parameters ptflag.common pg supplement to pttrak for trk params ptgudx.common pa good x track info ptgudy.common pb good y track info ptmass.common pm patterm recognition mass ptparm.common pt pat recognition pttime.common pz event time from wire chambers pttrak.common pk track parameters from patrec pttype.common pi working area for pair types ptwire.common pw 3 dimensional track array ptwirx.common px x view tracks ptwiry.common py y view tracks qtcprm.common qt qt cutting control parameters qtmass.common qm mass from qt fitting qtnprm.common qn updated qt control parameters qtparm.common qt qt fitting control parameters qtstat.common qt qt statistics (istaqt) qttrak.common qk qt fitting output qttran.common qn extra new parameters for qt output qtwire.common qw hits used in qt fitting reffcl.common el level 2 latch efficiencies reffcr.common er parameters for mrg efficiency reffct.common et parameters for tsc efficiency simcer.common sk simulated cerenkov response simmho.common sh simulated mho response simmrg.common sr simulated mrg response simpbg.common sg simulated pbg response simprm.common sm digexe control parameters simtrl.common sl simulated trigger latch response simtsc.common st simulated tsc response simwir.common sw simulated wire response srvbft.common bf bftran parameters srvcer.common vk cerenkov survey srvmag.common mg magnet srvmho.common vh mho survey srvmrg.common vr mrg survey srvpbg.common vg pbg survey srvswm.common ap aperture survey for swmexe srvtgt.common ts target survey srvtsc.common vt tsc srvwir.common vw wire chamber survey swmdct.common ct cut words for swmdmx.common mx maximum x position for swmrkt swmdpm.common dp control paramters for swmdtc swmdsv.common dc limits for cutting in swmdtc swmmcs.common cs copy of swmtrk for mc swim swmprm.common sp control parameters for swmexe swmstp.common stp singel track step info for swmexe swmtrk.common swm swum track information tkccer.common tk track cerenkov association tkcidh.common ih mho confidence level limits tkcidk.common ik cerenkov confidence level tkclvg.common lg lead glass cuts tkclvh.common lh mho confidence level stuff tkclvk.common lk cerenkov confidence level stuff tkclvr.common lr mrg position confidence levels tkclvt.common vt tsc confidence level stuff tkcmho.common th track mho association stuff tkcmrg.common tr track mrg association stuff tkcntr.common tc pointers for track counter association tkcprm.common tq control parameters for tkcexe tkcsum.common tz summary of track counter results tkctkr.common tk mrg tracking results tkctrk.common tx track counter pointers tkctsc.common tt track tsc association stuff tr3mag.common tm bdl table for level 3 code tr3ptc.common lc correlation data for level 3 code tr3pti.common lt parameters for level 3 code tr3pto.common l3 level 3 output statistics tr3trk.common tr tracking output from level 3 zghcom.common zg miscellaneeous zgh (histogram) fit results