1'st week schedule
Owl Day Swing
Tuesday 6-Sep
Wednesday 7-Sep
Thursday 8-Sep Bill, Yuri John,Steve Roman,Erez
Friday 9-Sep Bill, Yuri John,Steve Roman,Erez
Saturday 10-Sep Bill, Yuri Kirk,Steve Roman,Erez
Sunday 11-Sep Bill, Yuri Kirk,Steve Roman,Erez
Monday 12-Sep Bill, Yuri Kirk,Steve Roman,Erez
Tuesday 13-Sep Bill, Yuri John,Steve Roman,Erez
Wednesday 14-Sep Bill, Yuri John,Steve Roman,Erez
Thursday 15-Sep Bill, Yuri John,Vinod Roman,Erez
Friday 16-Sep
Saturday 17-Sep
Sunday 18-Sep
Monday 19-Sep
Tuesday 20-Sep
Wednesday 21-Sep
Thursday 22-Sep
Friday 23-Sep
Saturday 24-Sep
Sunday 25-Sep
Monday 26-Sep
Tuesday 27-Sep
Wednesday 28-Sep
Thursday 29-Sep
Friday 30-Sep
Saturday 1-Oct
Sunday 2-Oct
Monday 3-Oct
Tuesday 4-Oct

William Bugg:
Enclosed is a schedule for the first week beginning tonight at midnight. I have tried to include mostly experieneced people at the beginning and those who can be present only for the 1'st part of the run.I recommend that anyone with less experience join one of the shifts to assist and learn the ropes.While we are running from 407 more than one additional shifter can be accommodated  but after we move to MCC probably there should be no more than 3 shifters on  duty at one time.