TO: E-166, Pep2 Ops, EOICs REV: Aug 24, 2005

FROM: Rick Iverson

SUBJECT: FFTB Startup Checklist for E166 “Polarized Positrons”

Schedule: E-166 to run from Sep 6 to Oct 3, 2005

Purpose: Demonstrate undulator-based polarized positrons for linear colliders.

_____1) Establish Electrons to CA11 PR-55 at 50GeV

Beam Energy: 50GeV, 1e+10 electrons/bunch, 1-10pps

LI28 Emittance: "6 by 0.6" That is x < 6.0e-5mr, y < 0.6e-5mr.

Energy Spread: < 0.2%. That is, minimum energy spread.

_____2) These are the configs to start with. After the first shift,

configs will be saved that are more current.

FFTB Magnet NOR#748 “-nice spot-clean backgrounds”

FFTB Mover NOR#287 “-e166 day”

FFTB BPM NOR#814 “-nice spot-clean backgrounds(E166)

COLLLI30 NOR#269 “-e166 day”

_____3) Check that the FFTB BCS and MPS are made up on the FFTB digital status

panel. All B406 devices should be active except the following:

MSLT FS#1,2 (There are no flow switches on the MSLT).

Plasma Oven (Removed when E164 is not running.)

Valve 6064,6070 and mirror 6071

(Removed when E164 is not running.)

_____4) Verify that the BAS is signed off and the beam containment devices

in the BAS are active.

_____5) When the experimenters are ready for beam,

-Go to no access, put in ST-62, reset and trim Q5,Q6,

pull the vacuum valves etc.

-Bring the beam to ST-62.

*Note: It is not necessary to degauss 50-B1. Just do "LGPS OFF" and set the

launch with CA11,xcor 36 and ycor 37.

-Verify that CB00 Launch and FFTB FB31 Energy feedbacks

are working with the beam still on ST-62.

-Dump the beam on 2-9 and remove Prof 1090 and ST-62. Go to 1Hz

and bring the beam to the main FFTB dump.

-Correct steering and energy until the bpms match the reference orbit

listed above.

-FFTB PLIC level should be <2mv with beam current of 1e+10. The

Sector 30 PLIC level should be 50 to 100mV. The beam

emittance may need tuning if the PLIC is too high.

-Adjust sec-30 collimator settings as needed to reduce backgrounds.

-Call the E-166 experimenters in building 407a (x5460) and let them know

that the beam is ready.