E166 Equipment Discussion

July 8, 2005

V. Bharadwaj, K. McDonald, J. Sheppard, D. Walz

Below is a listing of what we discussed this morning. Please let me know what to change or add lest we forget.

  1. Faraday Cup:

    1. Check cabling with TDR

    2. Add In/Out status into Accelerator Obstruction display

    3. Add In/Out status into E166 DAQ

  1. Spectrometer Jaws

    1. Check Lo E functionality

    2. Fix disconnected shaft-motor coupling and test

    3. Add Jaw positions to DAQ

  1. Target Lens

    1. Slide lens upstream by about 1 cm; rotate Target assembly as necessary

    2. Reposition taraget ladder within assembly to reduce distance between targets and lens

    3. Do not need more current

  1. Target Assembly

    1. Add 0.25 r.l. thick free machining W target to empty target slot

  1. Table movers

    1. Replace X mover steppers with larger devices

    2. Replace X mover differential screws

    3. Lubricate X and Y mover mechanisms

    4. Carefully monitor changes in table/undulator/drift tube positon w/ dial gauges and or alignment scopes when doing work

  1. OTR

    1. Email Bill and Peter as to whether or not they want to replace existing 1 micron thick screen with a thicker OTR /radiator screen

    2. Add a thick

    3. Add In/Out status into Accelerator Obstruction display

    4. Add In/Out status into E166 DAQ

  1. In Vacuum Radiator/Blank, rotating Brems. Radiator in vicinity of OTR

  2. Photon Line

    1. Add Si quadrant detectors to facilitate photon line acquisition, tune-up, and monitoring

    2. Fiducialize photon line collimators for alignment

    3. Reinstall photon line collimators

    4. Model alignment issues associated with the additional collimation

  1. Beam Energy

    1. Find out what prevents machine from reliably operating at 50 GeV

    2. Regardless of energy at September start (46.6 GeV or 50 GeV) run with all 7 FFTB dump line dipoles energized, as per June running conditions.