E-166 FFTB - Photos 01-Oct-2004

(For higher-resolution jpeg photos,( > 500 kB each) click on 200x150 photos shown on this page)

Photos taken walking downstream, on Friday afternoon.

Looking downstream, Empty area at right will house the undulator. The blue cabinet in center is the undulator power supply.

Looking downstream, a bit further down. The undulator will be installed on right center empty space. upstream of dipole (which is the blue device, right center, with visible windings).

The 'PCal' above the permanent dipole magnets (in structure suspended from ceiling at right). (PCal is being used as a background monitor; it sees positrons made by beam scraping upstream [from where we make ours])

Looking upstream over the permanent dipoles.

Looking further downstream. Beam pipe on right is for SPPS (other experiment).

Looking further downstream. Beam pipe on bottom transports the electrons (pushed down by the permanent dipole magnets) Upper beam pipe transports photons.

Table which will have positron spectrometer photon beam pipe at right Blue round devices are the magnets for the polarimeter.

Closeups of Efremov polarimeter magnet.

Lead Castle to house photon polarimetry.

Magnet (blue) for photon polarimetry.Aluminium structure to the right houses aerogel detector.

Grey Alu box in the center, surrounded by lead bricks, houses the 'GCal' photon calorimeter.

The new electron beam dump (entrance). (Electron beam goes through beam pipe at right into the wall at left , of which only borated poly shielding [white] is visible).

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