E-166 Undulator and FFTB Photos 17 Sep-2004

(For high-resolution jpeg photos,( > 1 MB each) click on 200x150 photos shown on this page)

The Undulator on the bench, in the Magnetic Measurements Lab, with Alexander Mikhailichenko:

Actually, there are two undulators (with different inner diameters;
here is a close-up of the entry/exit point (beam would pass through the hole in center):

John Sheppard doing measurements of inner diameter of undulator hole:

Alexander and John peering in:

Here is the location in FFTB, where the Undulator
will be installed in the beam line:
(Looking upstream; the blue cabinet is the power supply for the undulator; the blue thing on left is the (cooling) oil pump. .

Some more FFTB pictures:
Looking downstream to dump; table in front will have positron spectrometer:
Golden Box on right houses the CsI crystals from DESY, electronics on left:
Looking upstream over table which will have the positron calorimeter:
...And finally, also the seventh dipole(blue and green thing on left) is ready for installation in beamline, after the other ones (green structures on right):

...And finally, in Bldg. 407, the electronics and data acquisition:

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