J/Psi Preprints

  • QCD coherence effects in high energy reactions with nuclei
    J. Raufeisen
  • QCD Radiation off Heavy Particles
    E. Norrbin and T. Sj\"ostrand
  • The charmed and bottom meson spectrum from lattice NRQCD
    Randy Lewis and R. M. Woloshyn
  • Equation of State in Quantum Chromodynamics
    V.I. Yukalov, E.P. Yukalova
  • Hadronic interactions of the J/psi
    Kevin L. Haglin (SCSU) and Charles Gale (McGill)

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  • Searching Saturation in eA Processes
    V. P. Goncalves (IFM - UFPel)
  • Multiplicity of different hadrons in e+e-, pp, and AA collisions
    H. Drescher, J. Aichelin, and K. Werner
  • When can long-range charge fluctuations serve as a QGP signal?
    E.V. Shuryak and M.A. Stephanov
  • Probing For New Physics In J/$\Psi$ Decays
    X. Zhang (IHEP, Beijing)
  • QCD sum rule analysis of the charmonium system: The charm quark mass
    Markus Eidemuller and Matthias Jamin
  • J/psi and psi(2S) Production and Polarization at the Tevatron
    Michael Kr\"amer (University of Edinburgh)
  • Statistical Coalescence Model with Exact Charm Conservation
    M.I. Gorenstein, A.P. Kostyuk, H. Stoecker and W. Greiner
  • Quarks in nuclear medium
    K. Saito

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  • Coherent particle production in collisions of relativistic nuclei
    George L. Gogiberidze (JINR & IUCF), Edward K.G. Sarkisyan (CERN & Tel
  • QCD factorization with heavy quarks
    German Rodrigo (Karlsruhe U.) and Marcello Ciafaloni (Florence U. &
    We further analyze the definition and the calculation of the heavy quark impact factor at next-to-leading (NL) $\log s$ level, and we provide its analytical expression in a previously proposed k-factorization scheme. Our results indicate that k-factorization holds at NL level with a properly chosen energy scale, and with the same gluonic Green's function previously found in the massless probe case.
    SPIRES or http://arXiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0010216
  • Kinematic Effects in Radiative Quarkonia Decays
    Stefan Wolf (TTP, U. of Karlsruhe)
    Non-relativistic QCD (NRQCD) predicts colour octet contributions to be significant not only in many production processes of heavy quarkonia but also in their radiative decays. We investigate the photon energy distributions in these processes in the endpoint region. There the velocity expansion of NRQCD breaks down which requires a resummation of an infinite class of colour octet operators to so-called shape functions. We model these non-perturbative functions by the emission of a soft gluon cluster in the initial state. We found that the spectrum in the endpoint region is poorly understood if the values for the colour octet matrix elements are taken as large as indicated from NRQCD scaling rules. Therefore the endpoint region should not be taken into account for a fit of the strong coupling constant at the scale of the heavy quark mass.
    SPIRES or http://arXiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0010217
  • J/psi absorption by pi and rho mesons in meson exchange model with anomalous parity interactions
    Yongseok Oh, Taesoo Song, Su Houng Lee
  • Soft Pomeron in QCD
    Eugene Levin (Tel Aviv U. /DESY)
  • On the Character of Leading Asymmetry in the Hadroproduction of Charmed Mesons and Baryons
    O.I.Piskounova (P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia)
  • Energy loss of fast quarks in nuclei
    M.B. Johnson, B.Z. Kopeliovich, I.K. Potashnikova, P.L. McGaughey,
  • Excitation of Color Degrees of Freedom of Nuclear Matter and $J/\psi$ Suppression
    J\"org H\"ufner, Boris Z. Kopeliovich and Alberto Polleri
  • The Role of Hadronization in Charm and Beauty Production
    Yu.M.Shabelski (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina,
  • New Anomalous Exchange in Regge Phenomenology and Hard Diffraction
    N.I. Kochelev,D.-P. Min, Y. Oh, V.Vento, A.V. Vinnikov
  • Massive c(\bar c)g-Production in Diffractive DIS
    J. Bartels, H. Jung, A. Kyrieleis
  • Photoproduction of charm near threshold
    S.J. Brodsky, E. Chudakov, P. Hoyer and J.M. Laget
  • A simple solution to color confinement
    Johan Hansson
  • Debye Screening in the QCD plasma
    O. Philipsen (CERN and MIT)
  • Topics in the Heavy Quark Expansion
    Nikolai Uraltsev
  • Rho meson properties in nuclear matter from QCD sum rules
    Andreas Nyffeler (CPT Marseille)
  • Charm quark mass from QCD sum rules for the charmonium system
    M. Eidemuller and M. Jamin
  • Introduction to Diffractive Photoprocesses
    G. Shaw (University of Manchester)
  • Screening length, dispersion relations and quark potential in thermo field dynamics
    Wanyun Zhao and F.C. Khanna (Univ. of Alberta, Canada)
  • Constraints on color dipole-nucleon cross section from diffractive heavy quarkonium production
    Katsuhiko Suzuki (Univ. of Tokyo), Kazunori Itakura (RBRC)
  • Some comments on the missing charm puzzle
    Alexander Lenz
  • A Toy Model of Colour Screening in the Proton
    Johann Dischler and Torbj\"orn Sj\"ostrand
  • Spin effects in diffractive hadron photoproduction
    S.V. Goloskokov
  • Color degrees of freedom in nuclear collisions and charmonium suppression
    J\"org H\"ufner, Boris Z. Kopeliovich and Alberto Polleri
  • Open Charm Enhancement in Pb+Pb Collisions at SPS
    M.I. Gorenstein, A.P. Kostyuk, H. Stoecker and W. Greiner
  • Fluctuations of the transverse energy in Pb+Pb collisions and J/psi suppression
    J\"org H\"ufner, Boris Z. Kopeliovich and Alberto Polleri
  • Supersymmetric origin of a low $a_{J/\psi}$ CP asymmetry
    A. Masiero, M. Piai (SISSA) and O. Vives (U. Valencia-IFIC)
  • Heavy Flavour Physics: On Its More Than 50 Years Of History, Its Future And The Rio Manifesto
    I.I. Bigi
  • On the $\sigma_L/\sigma_T$ Ratio in Polarized Vector Meson Photoproduction
  • Open and Hidden Charm Production in Au+Au Collisions at RHIC Energies
    M.I. Gorenstein, A.P. Kostyuk, L. McLerran, H. Stoecker and W. Greiner
  • J/Psi suppression in colliding nuclei: statistical model analysis
    Dariusz Prorok and Ludwik Turko
  • On the Energy Loss of High Energy Quarks in a Finite-Size Quark-Gluon Plasma
    B. G. Zakharov
  • Screening Corrections in Photo and DIS Production of $J/\Psi$
    E. Gotsman (Tel Aviv U.), E. Ferreira (UFRJ), E. Levin, U. Maor and E.
  • Heavy Quark Production at High Energy
    R.D. Ball and R.K. Ellis
  • A Unified Model of Exclusive $\rho^0$, $\phi$ and $\jpsi$ Electroproduction
    A Donnachie, J Gravelis and G Shaw (University of Manchester)
  • Remarks on photon-hadron interactions
    E. Comay
  • Mott effect at the chiral phase transition and anomalous J/Psi suppression
    Gerhard R.G. Burau, David B. Blaschke, Yuri L. Kalinovsky

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  • J/\psi production through resolved photon processes at e+ e- colliders
    R.M. Godbole (IISc., Bangalore), D. Indumathi (IMSc., Chennai), M.
  • Searches for Rare and Forbidden Decays of Charm: Recent Results from FNAL
    A. J. Schwartz
  • Transverse energy distributions and $J/\psi$ production in Pb+Pb collisions
    A. K. Chaudhuri
  • Heavy-quarkonium hadron cross section in QCD at leading twist
    F. Arleo, P.-B. Gossiaux, T. Gousset, and J. Aichelin
  • The p_T Spectrum in Heavy-Flavour Photoproduction
    M. Cacciari, S. Frixione and P. Nason
  • Gluon depletion and J/psi suppression in pA collisions
  • Diffractive eta_c photo-and electroproduction with the perturbative QCD Odderon
    J. Bartels, M. A. Braun, D. Colferai, G. P. Vacca
  • Possible Color Octet Quark-Anti-Quark Condensate in the Instanton Model
    Thomas Schaefer

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  • Radiative Corrections to the Single Spin Asymmetry in Heavy Quark Photoproduction
    N.Ya.Ivanov (YerPI)
  • On a possible manifestation of f_1 trajectory in J/psi photoproduction
    Dayeeta Roy (1), Toshiyuki Morii (2)and Alexander I. Titov (3) ((1)
  • Heavy Flavor Enhancement as a Signal of Color Deconfinement
    A.P. Kostyuk, M.I. Gorenstein and W. Greiner
  • Open charm enhancement by secondary interactions in relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions?
    W. Cassing (Univ. of Giessen), L.A. Kondratyuk (ITEP Moscow), G.I.
  • Thermal versus Direct $J/\Psi$ Production in Ultrarelativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions
    L. Grandchamp and R. Rapp
  • On the size of hadrons
    Hans-Christian Pauli (1) and Asmita Mukherjee (2) ((1) MPI Kernphysik,
  • Gauge Invariance, Color-Octet Vector Resonances and Double Technieta Production at the Tevatron
    Alfonso R. Zerwekh and Rogerio Rosenfeld
  • Kaon and Charm Physics: Theory
    Gerhard Buchalla (CERN)
  • Generalized dipole polarizabilities and the spatial structure of hadrons
    A.I. L'vov (1), S. Scherer (2), B. Pasquini (3), C. Unkmeir (2), D.
  • Heavy quarkonium production in double Pomeron exchange processes in perturbative QCD
    Feng Yuan (Heidelberg U.)
  • Chiral Symmetry in Charmonium - Pion Cross Section
    F.S. Navarra, M. Nielsen and M.R. Robilotta
  • Exclusive decay of $J/\Psi$ into a lepton pair combined with light hadrons
    J.P. Ma
  • Measurement of hybrid content of heavy quarkonia using lattice NRQCD
    Tommy Burch, Kostas Orginos, and Doug Toussaint
  • Heavy quark photoproduction at THERA
    P. Jankowski, M. Krawczyk (University of Warsaw), M. Wing (McGill
  • Charm Physics and the Poor Sleeper's Impatience
    I.I. Bigi
  • J/Psi Production at RHIC in a QGP
    Robert L. Thews and Johann Rafelski
  • Charmonium Production off Nuclei: from SPS to RHIC
    B.Z. Kopeliovich
  • J/psi plus dijet associated production in two-photon collisions
    M. Klasen, B.A. Kniehl, L. Mihaila, M. Steinhauser (Hamburg
  • J/psi Suppression and Enhancement in Au+Au Collisions at the BNL RHIC
    M.I. Gorenstein, A.P. Kostyuk, H. Stoecker and W. Greiner
  • Diffractive beauty photoproduction as a short distance probe of QCD pomeron
    V. R. Zoller (ITEP, Moscow)
  • Interplay of soft and hard processes and hadron $p_T$ spectra in $pA$ and $AA$ collisions
    Enke Wang and Xin-Nian Wang

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  • The color dipole approach to the Drell-Yan process in pA collisions
    B.Z. Kopeliovich, J. Raufeisen, A.V. Tarasov
  • The photoproduction of vector mesons
    J.-M. Laget
  • Color Transparency versus Quantum Coherence in Electroproduction of Vector Mesons off Nuclei
    B.Z. Kopeliovich, J. Nemchik, A.Schaefer, A.V. Tarasov
  • $J/\Psi$ suppression in an expanding hadron gas
    Dariusz Prorok (Wroclaw Univ. ITP)
  • $J/\Psi$ suppression at SPS, RHIC and LHC energies and the percolation of strings
    N. Armesto, E. G. Ferreiro, F. del Moral and C. Pajares
  • Quarkonium spectroscopy and perturbative QCD: massive quark-loop effects
    N. Brambilla, Y. Sumino and A. Vairo
  • QCD Sum Rules for Heavy Flavour Physics
    Alexander Khodjamirian
  • Explicit Proof that Electroproduction of Transversely Polarized Vector Mesons Vanishes in Perturbative QCD
    Pervez Hoodbhoy (University of Maryland and Quaid-e-Azam University)
  • Photoproduction of charmed vector mesons, $\gamma+N\to {\cal B}_c +\overline{D^*}$, with ${\cal B}_c=\Lambda_c$ or $\Sigma_c$
    Michail P. Rekalo and Egle Tomasi-Gustafsson
  • The Fadin-Lipatov-vertex in high-energy heavy quark and charmonium production
    Philipp Hagler
  • Charmonium decays: J/psi --> e+e- and eta_c --> gamma gamma
    Andrzej Czarnecki and Kirill Melnikov
  • Production of a pion pair in semileptonic decay of $J/\Psi$, $\Upsilon$ and $B_c$
    J. P. Ma (ITP), Jia-Sheng Xu (CCAST & Itp)
  • Vector meson masses in hot nuclear matter : the effect of quantum corrections
    Amruta Mishra, Jitendra C. Parikh, Walter Greiner

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  • New predictions for inclusive heavy-quarkonium P-wave decays
    N. Brambilla, D. Eiras, A. Pineda, J. Soto, A. Vairo
  • $J/\psi$ suppression in Pb+Pb collisions, a conventional description
    A. K. Chaudhuri (VECC, Calcutta)
  • Photoproduction of Heavy Quarkonia
    B. Jaeger (Inst. Theor. Physics, Univ. Regensburg) and W. Schweiger
  • Diffractive charm photoproduction at HERA ep-collider
    A. V. Berezhnoy, V. V. Kiselev, I. A. Korzhavina, A. K. Likhoded
  • On the intrinsic charm and the recombination mechanisms in charm hadron production
    J.C. Anjos, J. Magnin, G. Herrera
  • Aspects of Charmonium Physics
    S.F. Tuan
  • Heavy Flavour Physics at HERA - a Survey
    P. J. Bussey
  • Intrinsic Charm Flavor and Helicity Content in the Proton
    Xiaotong Song (Univ. of Virginia)
  • Relative phase between the three-gluon and one-photon amplitudes of the J/psi decays
    N.N. Achasov (Sobolev Institute for Mathematics SB RAS, Novosibirsk)
  • Dissociation of a Heavy Quarkonium at High Temperatures
    Cheuk-Yin Wong (ORNL)
  • Non-perturbative gluons in diffractive photo-production of J/Psi
    M. B. Gay Ducati, Werner K. Sauter
  • Parity and Time Reversal in J/Psi Decay
    L. Clavelli, T. Gajdosik, and I. Perevalova (University of Alabama)
  • Prospects for probing the gluon density in protons using heavy quarkonium hadroproduction
    J.L. Domenech-Garret, M.A. Sanchis-Lozano and S. Wolf (Valencia
  • The charm quark's mass in quenched QCD
    Juri Rolf, Stefan Sint
  • Next-to-leading-log renormalization-group running in heavy-quarkonium creation and annihilation
    Antonio Pineda
  • Momentum Transfer Dependence of the Differential Cross Section for $J/\psi$ Production
    E. Gotsman (Tel-Aviv U.), E. Levin (Tel-Aviv U.), U. Maor (Tel-Aviv
  • Gluonic effects in vector meson photoproduction at large momentum transfers
    N.I.Kochelev and V.Vento
  • J/psi Enhancement in Peripheral Pb+Pb Collisions at SPS
    A.P. Kostyuk, M.I. Gorenstein, H. Stoecker, and W. Greiner
  • Leptoproduction of Polarized Vector Mesons
    B. Postler (Wuppertal Univ.)
  • Heavy quark production at HERA in k_t factorization supplemented with CCFM evolution
    H. Jung (Physics Department, Lund University, Sweden)
  • Renormalization group improvement of the NRQCD Lagrangian and heavy quarkonium spectrum
    Antonio Pineda
  • Discovery potential for New Physics in view of the RHIC-Spin upgrade
    P. Taxil and J.-M. Virey
  • A Variational Fock-Space Treatment of Quarkonium
    L. Di Leo and J. W. Darewych (York University, Toronto, Canada)
  • Power counting and effective field theory for charmonium
    Sean Fleming (1), Adam K. Leibovich (2) and I. Z. Rothstein (1) ((1)
  • Integral characteristics of bremsstrahlung and pair photoproduction in a medium
    V. N. Baier and V. M. Katkov