The conditions were as follows:

For the sweep magnet study: 1.5% rl diamond, 5E10 e-/pulse, E_beam = 48.3 GeV, full bremsstrahlung spectrum from the diamond hits C37 just upbeam from sweeper and produces the muons. In reality, probably only 80-90% of the photons are collimated at C37. The coherent photons in the energy spikes tend to be the ones that get thru. The combination of 1.5% diamond and 5E10 e- is supposed to be the maximum lumonosity ever needed by the coherent photon program.

For the dump angle study: 5E10, 48.3 GeV e-/pulse make muons in the dump.
One might argue that we should be using an order of magnitude higher current than this for some future brem beam for both the dump and sweep magnet study.
Just a reminder - the muon production comes from the photons in the shower, not the electrons directly.