Florent Staley Last update: 11-Dec-96

Setting up to Use E-155 Analysis Program

  • In your .cshrc add the following lines to select the development version of code:

    setenv E155_COM "/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/com"
    source $E155_COM/setdev

    To select production version use : setprod instead of setdev. If you are entering the command interactively, do not forget the word "source" -- this is the cause of many mysteries!

    That will define a set of environment variables :

    E155=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155 : main directory
    E155_COM=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/com : scripts
    E155OLA=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp :
    E155GENLIB=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev/genlib : Zen's lib
    E155SEV=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/sev : single event display
    E155_DOC=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/doc : doc
    E155_DATA=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/data : data directory
    E155_ROOT=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev :
    E155_EXAMPLE=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/example : paw examples
    E155_WWW=/afs/slac/www/exp/e155 :
    E155SRC=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev/src : source code
    E155INC=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev/inc : include files (commons)
    E155LIB=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev/lib : libs
    E155CON=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev/con : init files (calibration, ...)
    E155BIN=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev/bin : executables
    E155TAPE=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev/tape : setup files
    E155PAW=/afs/slac/g/esa/e155/exp/dev/paw : kumacs

    (All dev are replaced by prod when setprod is selected)

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