E155x DST Tapes QE0120-QE0129
Tape Run Range Last Processed Status
QE0120 3517-3531 18Jan2000 Finished
QE0121 3532-3545 1Feb2000 Finished
QE0122 3547-3561 19Jan2000 Finished
QE0123 3563-3575 19Jan2000 Finished
QE0124 3579-3591 19Jan2000 Finished
QE0125 3592-3607 19Jan2000 Finished
QE0126 3608-3625 20Jan2000 Finished
QE0127 3626-3664 20Jan2000 Finished
QE0128 3668-3683 20Jan2000 Finished
QE0129 3684-3696 20Jan2000 Finished

Status Definitions
Status Definition
Not Processed The tape has not been processed yet.
Processed The tape was processed on the date shown in the "Last Processed" column.
Checking The tape has been checked and found to have a possible problem. It is currently being looked at.
Finished The tape has been checked and does not need any further processing. See "Comments" column for quality of run.