E155x DST Tapes QE0100-QE0109
Tape Run Range Last Processed Status
QE0100 3186-3198 15Dec1999 Finished
QE0101 3199-3215 16Dec1999 Finished
QE0102 3216-3234 16Dec1999 Finished
QE0103 3235-3247 17Dec1999 Finished
QE0104 3248-3258 31Jan2000 Finished
QE0105 3259-3274 18Dec1999 Finished
QE0106 3275-3296 18Dec1999 Finished
QE0107 3297-3311 1Feb2000 Finished
QE0108 3313-3326 19Dec1999 Finished
QE0109 3327-3339 19Dec1999 Finished

Status Definitions
Status Definition
Not Processed The tape has not been processed yet.
Processed The tape was processed on the date shown in the "Last Processed" column.
Checking The tape has been checked and found to have a possible problem. It is currently being looked at.
Finished The tape has been checked and does not need any further processing. See "Comments" column for quality of run.