E155x DST Tapes QE0080-QE0089
Tape Run Range Last Processed Status
QE0080 2847-2865 19Jan2000 Finished
QE0081 2869-2881 3Jan2000 Finished
QE0082 2882-2920 19Jan2000 Finished
QE0083 2921-2939 19Jan2000 Finished
QE0084 2940-2958 29Dec1999 Finished
QE0085 2959-2972 29Dec1999 Finished
QE0086 2973-2985 21Dec1999 Finished
QE0087 2986-3001 21Dec1999 Finished
QE0088 3002-3023 20Dec1999 Finished
QE0089 3024-3037 20Dec1999 Finished

Status Definitions
Status Definition
Not Processed The tape has not been processed yet.
Processed The tape was processed on the date shown in the "Last Processed" column.
Checking The tape has been checked and found to have a possible problem. It is currently being looked at.
Finished The tape has been checked and does not need any further processing. See "Comments" column for quality of run.