E155x DST Tapes QE0020-QE0029
Tape Run Range Last Processed Status
QE0020 1937-1958 10Dec1999 Finished
QE0021 1959-1971 10Dec1999 Finished
QE0022 1972-1986 10Dec1999 Finished
QE0023 1987-2001 14Dec1999 Finished
QE0024 2002-2015 14Dec1999 Finished
QE0025 2016-2029 14Dec1999 Finished
QE0026 2030-2041 15Dec1999 Finished
QE0027 2042-2057 15Dec1999 Finished
QE0028 2058-2077 15Dec1999 Finished
QE0029 2078-2087 15Dec1999 Finished

Status Definitions
Status Definition
Not Processed The tape has not been processed yet.
Processed The tape was processed on the date shown in the "Last Processed" column.
Checking The tape has been checked and found to have a possible problem. It is currently being looked at.
Finished The tape has been checked and does not need any further processing. See "Comments" column for quality of run.