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Also see the Web page on Data Acquisition and Online Monitoring. The catalog of tapes in the Silo is updated approximately once a day.
Number	Author		Description

1	M. Daoudi	Automatic  linking and running of analysis
	20-Oct-94	jobs. Use of private  constants made easy.

2	C.Young		Using the staging system

Unix at SLAC

The SCS document Introduction to Unix at SLAC is a good starting point to get more Unix information, some of it specific to SLAC. The Cern Unix Guide is also quite useful, but beware of differences between Cern and SLAC.

Since SLAC is moving from NFS to AFS exactly when we expect E154 to be busy analyzing data, we have moved the group directories already. You need a line like the following in your .cshrc file:

source /afs/slac/g/esa/e154ola/com/setdev

if you want the development version. Replace setdev with setprod if you want the production version. Environment variables such as $E154SRC will then be set properly.

If you want to find out more about AFS, the SLAC AFS Users Guide is now available.

Programming Language

The use of Fortran and C code is allowed. It is the responsibility of the C-code to make sure calls to and from Fortran are handled properly. Fortran-77 as well as Fortran-90 are acceptable. Please do not use extensions to the language standard; otherwise, portability is compromised. For example, use integer instead of integer*4.

CERN has a Fortran-90 tutorial explaining some of the features of the new language standard.

Hbook and Paw

Julie Rogers (SLAC ext-2691) has hardcopies of the Hbook and Paw manuals. There are some Hbook and Paw examples available to help the novice. Read the file 1.README in the directory /afs/slac.stanford.edu/g/esa/e154ola/example/ to get started. Check Cern's WWW page for Paw for news and many helpful hints.

Other Cernlib Programs

Cernlib manuals are kept in compressed Postscript form in the directory /usr/local/cernlib/doc/cerndoc. They are rather massive, so please do not print unless it is really essential. And be prepared to stand by the printer to feed it!

Documentation for use at SLAC can be found in the file /usr/local/cernlib/doc/slacdoc/CERNLIB.readme. The environment variables described in this document are set by the script $E154_COM/setddev and $E154_COM/setprod. Be sure you invoke one of them in your login script.

Cern maintains a WWW page of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for various Cernlib programs.

Fermilab Documentation

Fermliab also maintains documentation on a number of general software topics, such as Emacs, CVS, GCC, AIX, etc.
* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.

Charlie Young