Minutes of Collaboration Meeting - December 9, 1997

Date, Time, and Location:

December 9, 1997 from 13:00 to 14:00 PST at SLAC Computer Center Room 112


P. Chen, D. Cline, W. Craddock, P. Kwok, S. Masuda, D. Walz, and A. Weidemann. A. Ogata, K. Nakajima, M. Kando, W. Leemans and A. Sessler participated via satellite links.


S. Masuda presented the latest results from the PIC simulations. Due to the non-linear nature of plasma focusing, the FWHM sizes are recorded for the focused beam for better representation. However, the results are suspiciously similar to Gaussian fits! It turned out S. Masuda used a slice in the middle of the beam for his results instead of intergrating the whole beam, which led to the similarities. The calculations are to be re-done and the results will be presented later.

There has been no reactions to the draft of the work schedule. Therefore, D. Walz took the initiative to work with P. Chen to produce and finalise the work schedule .

D. Walz summarized a consultation with C. Field and reported that if the simulations are correct, the conventional wire scanners might not work for the experiment. The new technology using gold on silicone substrate could work but the persons who assisted C. Field in developing the method are scheduled to leave IBM by the end of the year. It is suggested that a meeting should be held with these researchers as soon as possible. If there are no alternative technologies available for beam size measurements, P. Chen remarked that we will have to stick with the scenarios in the proposal .

D. Walz showed the schematic of the layout of the plasma lens experiment at the FFTB. Please note that the schematic is in developmental stage and will be changing often. W. Leemans raised the question on how easy it will be to tune the beam through the Beryllium apertures and A. Weidemann responded that it might not be easy at startup. The solution, suggested by W. Leemans, might be to use movable apertures but D. Walz remarked that they will be extremely expensive.

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