Minutes of Collaboration Meeting - November 11, 1997

Date, Time, and Location:

November 11, 1997 from 13:00 to 14:30 PST at SLAC Computer Center Room 112


P. Chen, D. Cline, R. Iverson, P. Kwok, S. Masuda, and A. Weidemann. A. Ogata, K. Nakajima, D. D. Meyerhofer, and A. Sessler participated via satellite links.


P. Chen reported that the SLAC management is suggesting November 1998 as the time for the plasma lens experiment. For the most current SLAC operating schedule, please contact K. Asher of SLAC Technical Division.

The funds from KEK has been transfered to SLAC for the experiment. Thanks to A. Ogata and K. Nakajima for their assistance. A. Ogata indicated that he is considering sending a post-doctorate researcher from Japan to help with the experiment.

R. Iverson reported on the beam optics simulation for E-150 on the FFTB. The result shows that the FFTB beam will have adequate clearance for the components of E-150. Calculations will continue for smaller final spot sizes in unison with the plasma focusing simulations.

S. Masuda reported on the new PIC simulation for plasma focusing. The result is a bit less substantial focusing than in the proposal . More runs will be made using higher beam currents, higher plasma densities, and different input beams from the FFTB. For more information regarding the PIC simulation, please contact S. Masuda .

P. Kwok reviewed a few data acquisition options for E-150. As the other E-150 systems are specified, the data acquisition system design will be consolidated. LabView from National Instruments is a prime candidate for the software required for E-150. Please be reminded that you can send your input on data acquisition to the E-150 mailing list .

D. D. Meyerhofer indicated that he will be discussing with W. Leemans on plasma diagnostics. Interferometry might be used instead of Thomson scattering for plasma density measurements. The laser power requirement will be much lower and can be easily split off the main ionization laser.

D. Walz is now the Deputy for the experiment.

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