Minutes of Collaboration Meeting - October 10, 1997

Date, Time, and Location:

October 10, 1997 from 13:00 to 15:00 PDT at SLAC Building 041 Room 106C


P. Chen, D. Cline, W. Craddock, C. Field, P. Kwok, S. Masuda, D. D. Meyerhofer, A. Sessler, D. Walz, and A. Weidemann.


The proposed plasma lens experiment at the FFTB (E-150) has been formally approved by the SLAC management. The collaborators have agreed to request the SLAC management to arrange for the experiment to be performed in Fall of 1998. For the most current SLAC operating schedule, please contact K. Asher of SLAC Technical Division.

A draft of work schedule was presented by D. Walz. The draft calls for the establishment of the appropriate accounts with SLAC management by October 31, 1997 so work can commence by November 1, 1997. It is remarked that simulation on beam optics should begin as soon as possible so other dependent designs can start. Please submit your feedback on the work schedule to the E-150 mailing list .

D. D. Meyerhofer provided an update on the status of the E-144 laser system. Currently about 50% of the laser system is at Rochester, NY undergoing upgrade. It is expected to be shipped back to SLAC in Summer 1998.

There is a question raised on whether the plasma diagnostics laser should come from the E-144 laser. The alternatives are either installing a separate laser for plasma diagnostics, or using the laser from T. Shintake's Laser-Compton BSM. It is uncertain whether the latter has sufficient power for the plasma diagnostics system.

A. Weidemann presented an overview of the E-144 data acquisition system and a conceptual design for E-150 . It is requested that a list of all the data to be acquired be compiled. Please send your input to E-150 mailing list .

C. Field discussed the wire scanners currently in use at the FFTB as well as a new type using gold on silicon substrate. For more information, please contact C. Field .

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