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LHC luminosity upgrade is planned in threes stages:
Phase 0 (2015-2019): LHC energy 8→13-14 TeV with full current, and L~2x1034, and ⟨μ⟩~80, to integrate 30 fb-1 until LS2.
Phase 1 (2020-2023): Integrate 300 fb-1 until LS3.
Phase 2 (2026-2030): HL-LHC upgrade with luminosity levelling up at 7.5x1034, ⟨μ⟩~200, to integrate 3000 fb-1.

Documentations and Links

  • ATLAS upgrade (USC), ATLAS Upgrade Twiki
  • Upgrade Weeks, General upgrade meetings, Upgrade WG meetings, US Inner Detector meetings
  • ATLAS Detector JINST paper, LHC and other detector JINST papers
  • Phase 0

    Phase 1

    Phase 2

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    Mechanical design and CO2 Cooling

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