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This page contains ATLAS upgrade information of interest to the SLAC/Stanford local ATLAS community.

LHC luminosity upgrade is planned in threes stages:
Phase 0 (2015-2018): LHC energy 8→13-14 TeV with full current, and L~1-2x1034, and ⟨μ⟩ up to ~80, to integrate 150 fb-1 until LS2.
Phase 1 (2021-2023): 14 TeV. Integrate to 300 fb-1 until LS3.
Phase 2 (2026-2030): HL-LHC upgrade with luminosity levelling 5-7x1034, ⟨μ⟩ up to ~200, to integrate 3000 fb-1.
LHC/HL-LHC Time Profile

Documentations and Links

  • ATLAS upgrade (USC), ATLAS Upgrade Twiki, Upgrade physics activities
  • ATLAS Upgrade Weeks (AUW), General upgrade meetings, Upgrade WG meetings, US Inner Detector meetings
  • ATLAS Detector JINST paper, LHC and other detector JINST papers
  • Phase 0

    Phase 1

    Phase 2

    Recent Meetings / Conferences

    Project Activities with Local Interests

    ITk Upgrade

    Tracking Upgrade Layout and Simulation


    ITk Upgrade Readout and Test Stands

    ITk Upgrade Electronics and Services

    Mechanical design and CO2 Cooling

    High Granularity Timing Detector (HGTD)

    Test Beams


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