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LHC luminosity upgrade is expected to go in two stages:
Phase 1 (~2015): upgrade to configuration which can eventually deliver 
Phase 2 (~2019): upgrade to enable SuperLHC (sLHC) luminosity of 1035

The sLHc upgrade in particular poses unprecedented challenges to the detectors with ~400 interactions per beam crossing and high radiation dose which demand major upgrades with substantial R&D and lead time to design and construct. Among the detector upgrade projects:

For the phase 1 near term upgrade to improve the current detector, the projects at various stage of development:

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Regular CERN upgrade meetings

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Project Activities with Local Interests

Pixel Detector Insertable B-Layer (IBL)

Trigger/DAQ Upgrade

superLHC Tracking Upgrade:

Tracking Upgrade Layout and Simulation

3D Pixel Sensors

Mechanical design and CO2 Cooling

Tracking Upgrade Readout and Data Transmission

Strip Stave


Tracking Upgrade Power Delivery

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