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SLAC Safety Training

For all employees and users, you can always examine your training status from the SLAC Training Assessment (STA) system, with the STA Direct link take you to the report selection page, where you can check what training are mandatory for you and its status. For new employees/users, you need to go through the Safety Comes First checklist. In general, the following training are mandatory for everyone:

An additional course on electrical safety (replacing the old 239) and general safety for R&D activities is recommended, but not mandatory for most people: 

The links above contains instructions on how to take the courses online (followed by challenge exams for 219,115). Even for those who start with only a short stay at SLAC before going to CERN, these trainings are recommended and still to a large extent apply to working at CERN (in some ways may be even more important for our own protection).

For special detector activities at CERN, additional training are also required:

The Job Hazard Analysis and Mitigation (JHAM) is no longer part of the current safety system, but some of the specific items in the JHAMs are still relevant and worth a check:

Safety at CERN

Please read the email message from Mike Tuts and Howard Gordon to all U.S. ATLAS collaborators on April 20, 2006, regarding safety at CERN. Their recommendation has since then been updated with the current (as of Jan 2009) version here.

ATLAS Safety Page
CERN Safety Training


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