SLAC ATLAS Personnel

The SLAC ATLAS department is part of the Elementary Particle Physics research division in the SLAC Science Directorate.

Name Work area Current base (Nov/2011) Personal page
Faculty and Scientific Staff
Tim Barklow Computing SLAC  
Rainer Bartoldus (TDAQ lead) TDAQ, Upgrade SLAC link
Philippe Grenier (Pixel lead) Pixel, Upgrade SLAC  
Richard Mount  (Computing lead) Computing, Western Tier2 PI SLAC  
Giacinto Piacquadio b-tag, Pixel/tracking CERN  
Ariel Schwartzman* Jet/MET, HGTD upgrade SLAC  

Su Dong* (Team leader, ATLAS department head)

Pixel, TDAQ, Muon, Upgrade SLAC link
Charlie Young (Team leader, Simulation/muon lead) Simulation, Muon, Pixel, Upgrade SLAC  
Engineering Physicist / Project Scientist
Jasmine Hasi Pixel, Upgrade SLAC  
Chris Kenney Pixel, Upgrade SLAC  
Martin Kocian Pixel, Upgrade SLAC
Nicoletta Garelli TDAQ, Muon, Pixel, Upgrade CERN  
Julie Segal Upgrade SLAC  
Computing Professionals
Ric Claus Muon, upgrade SLAC  
Andrew Hanushevsky XROOTD author/support SLAC  
Mike Huffer
Muon, upgrade
Tatsumi Koi Simulation SLAC  
James (JJ) Russell Muon SLAC  
Andrei Salnikov TDAQ SLAC link
Matthias Wittgen Pixel SLAC  
PostDoctoral Research Associates
Michael Kagan Pixel CERN  
Francesco Rubbo HGTD upgrade, Jet/MET SLAC  
Graduate Students
James Black
Aviv Cukierman
Ben Nachman Pixel, jet/MET SLAC  
Qi Zeng Pixel, b-tag CERN  
Pietro Caragiulo upgrade SLAC  
Angelo Dragone upgrade SLAC  
Ryan Herbst Muon, upgrade SLAC  
David Nelson Pixel, upgrade, (TileCal) SLAC link
Marco Oriunno Pixel, upgrade SLAC  
Camillo Tamma upgrade SLAC  
Administration support
Adrienne Higashi  General admin/travel  

* SLAC Particle Physics and Astrophysics faculty member

US Western Tier-2 Personnel

Name Responsible Area
Richard Mount Western Tier2 PI, SLAC ATLAS computing lead
Wei Yang ATLAS Western Tier-2 Contact; System Software Developer
Lance Nakata Information System Specialist (Storage Element)

Former SLAC ATLAS Members and Associates

Former SLAC ATLAS members
Ignacio Aracena Former postdco/staff Data science business
John Backus Mayes Former postdoc EcoFactor
Bart Butler Former graduate student postdoc at Harvard then AT&T Big Data
Josh Cogan Former graduate student Management consultance business
Sarah Demers Former postdoc link junior faculty at Yale
Till Eifert Former postdoc link CERN LD research staff
Bryan Fulsom Former postdoc link RA at PNNL
Stephen Gowdy Former staff link staff at CERN/CMS
Andy Haas** Former Panofsky fellow link junior faculty at NYU
Per Hansson Former postdoc SLAC staff on HPS experiment
Claus Horn Former postdoc link financial business
Paul D Jackson Former postdoc link junior faculty at U Adelaide, Australia
Katie Malone Former grad student IT Business
David W. Miller Former grad student link Enrico Fermi fellow->junior faculty at U Chicago
Pascal Nef Former postdoc Finance business
Silke Nelson Former postdoc SLAC professional staff
Dan Silverstein Former grad student MicroSoft
Emanuel Strauss Former postdoc AT&T Big Data
Max Swiatlowski Former grad student Enrico Fermi Fellow at Chicago
Michael Wilson Former postdoc Lattice Engines
Makoto Asai  
Andrea Dotti  
Norman Graf  
Mike Kelsey  
Peter Kim  
Steffen Luitz  
David MacFarlane*  
Tim Nelson  
Dennis Wright  

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