Getting ATLAS Computing Accounts

Getting account at CERN

Please followed the detailed instructions for a new ATLAS member for ATLAS/CERN at:
Registration & Access
which has instructions for both external computing account registration and first arrival at CERN cases. 

Note: Many E-mail addresses below contains the insertion of NOSPAM in the address to avoid auto web page snifers to snatch that address for spams. You need to remove the NOSPAM in actual usage. 

Some possibly useful info on CERN account setup not obvious from normal instructions:

Getting the GRID Certificate

The first step is to obtain a personal Digital Certificate (sometimes called a PKI or X509 certificate) from the Open Sicence GRID (OSG) organization which has a link for User ceertificate request. There is a more concisely listed set of instructions on a BNL site with also follow up steps to install/renoew/revokde certificate.You should select VO=ATLAS and Wei Yang as the sponsor (for SLAC people).

Su Dong

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