Hadronic Calibration Workshop


SLAC Kavli Auditorium

Kavli Building

The Kavli auditorium is located on the ground floor of the Kavli building (#51 on the map) right in front the SLAC main gate on Sand Hill Road. Those who drive, parking at SLAC is free and you can grab any parking slot except the marked slots for the Disabled and Government Vehicle. The closest parking near Kavli building are:

  • Parking lot A opposite Kavli building (#51) and ROB (#48)
  • Parking lot C between main gate (#83) and guest house (#49)
The Guest House is building #49 within 200m from the Kavli building. The Cafeteria is in building #42, open for breakfast and lunch during weekdays.

The Kavli auditorium seating capacity is ~200 and it is equipped with an integrated H323 A/V and projection system and ceiling microphones so that EVO sessions have been run successfully for similar meetings before. There is also plenty of space for egress behind the seats. Each seat has its own power socket (ok, but some of you still have to bring your Euro->US power adaptor). Information on wireless and other practical issues can be found on the General Information page

Kavli Auditorium

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