Hadronic Calibration Workshop

Social and Associated Events

SLAC Tours
Research yard SLAC tours are offered in two separate groups during the Tuesday Sep/20 12:35-2:30pm extended lunch hours. Sign up to the tours are included in the registration. Each group will have 80min of tour time with lunch staggered to be before and after the tour respectively. The tour bus will start boarding next to the Kavli building at 12:35pm for group 1 and 1:05pm for group 2. The visiting points:
  • Klystron gallery alcove: showing an underground section of the linac and a view into the 2 mile long klystron gallery which is a "must see" for SLAC.
  • Near and Far Experimental Halls of the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), the latest facility of high intensity X-ray laser for photon science.
  • Collider Hall with the MK-II and SLD experiments at the SLAC Linear Collider which had e+e- operation at the Z0 peak during the LEP era.
  • Research yard hill top lookout point for a view of the Linac, and the historical site of End Station A and SPEAR (now SSRL).
Monday Informal Dinner Groups
Local restaurant For Monday Sep/19, there is not official dinner arrangements so that everyone is free to explore local restaurants of their own choice. Those not having their own dinner plans already could consider to join one of the informal dinner groups targeting some of the local restaurants on the Local Drinking and Dining page. The poll for choices on some proposed options are posted on the workshop wiki, which will be regrouped into a few streams for popular choices, and arrange car pooling to make these groups work. Those interested please fill the polls before Monday afternoon break.
Reception Buffet
breezeway A buffet reception is currently planned for Tuesday Sep/20 6:30pm on SLAC site at the Panofsky auditorium breezeway, with an extensive finger food menu and drinks.
BBQ Dinner
breezeway picnic area A barbecue dinner is planned for Wednesday Sep/21 6:00pm on SLAC site at the Panofsky auditorium breezeway and cafeteria dining area, with a variety of selections for the BBQ grill and drinks.
Cable car An excursion is tentatively scheduled for Thursday Sep/22 in the afternoon before the dinner cruise. This is currently envisaged to be a bus tour to San Francisco with two vista point stops before dropping off downtown for some free time:
  • 1st stop is tentatively planned for Twin Peaks for a view of San Francisco, but the viability of this depends on the daily condition and the bus driver
  • Drive over Golden Gate Bridge to the Parking Vista Point at the other (Sausalito) end of the bridge as a 2nd stop for the view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay and the city.
  • Back into San Francisco city to drop people off at two spots for some free time: Everyone needs to navigate yourself to Pier-3 for the dinner cruise in the evening. Please give plenty time to ensure arrival at Pier-3 by the 6:30pm Hornblower boarding time. Most above spots are within 30min walk from Pier-3, but faster with cable car California Line or light rail line F. We would not recommend other farther touring spots such as Golden Gate Park as there may not be sufficient time to get back to the dinner cruise.
The two vista points are not the usual place you go without a car or during a compact short trip so that hopefully they will be a fresh experience for most people, may be even some locals. However, the viability depends on weather as Twin Peaks in particular only makes sense when it's not foggy. We may alter this preliminary plan still due to weather or lack of time to go to both vista points etc.
Workshop Dinner
Hornblower A dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay is planned for Thursday, Sep/22, evening. Some info on the Hornblower dinner cruise can be found on the Hornblower website. Boarding time is 6:30pm at Pier-3. Because the boat is shared with other parties, it will not wait for late arrivals. For those driving themselves to the dinner cruise, please allow plenty of time for parking near Pier-3 (pdf) which can be tricky. If you want to park on Pier-3, you should mention you will be on Hornblower cruise to get the reduced parking fee of $10.
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