SLAC Research Associate Position on ATLAS

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) is regularly seeking for applicants for an experimental Postdoctoral Research Associate position to work on the ATLAS experiment at CERN.The LHC presents ideal opportunities for physics at the energy frontier and experimental experience in a challenging environment of rapidly increasing luminosity. This opening allows participation in a selection of experimental areas that SLAC is involved in and a variety of physics topics at the LHC. The successful candidate is encouraged to take the initial post at CERN. Some information on the SLAC ATLAS group can be found on our web page. The currently open position has a start in 2014. Interested candidates should submit an application and arrange for their recommendation letters to be sent. Selection of candidates will start Mar/15/2014. The processing of candidates will continue until the position is filled.

ATLAS Involvement

Current experimental areas the SLAC team is involved in:

Some main physics research areas with current activities and developing interests: The SLAC ATLAS group has over 30 people, of which 6 are currently based at CERN. There are typically 5 Research Associates in the group at any given time. We expect to strengthen our involvement in these areas although we may potentially expand to other areas. For further information, please contact Prof. Su Dong or Dr. Charles Young.


These are highly competitive positions as part of the general research associate program at SLAC, requiring a background of demonstrated excellence in research and a recent PhD in experimental particle physics. The term of these positions is two years in the first instance and may be renewed.

How to Apply

Applications will be collected through Academic Jobs Online. The application process will also require candidates to name at least three senior physicists who know their work to provide letters of recommendation.

Please note: Hires at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory are subject to Department of Energy approval, and are required to complete Environmental Safety & Health training. SLAC is an equal opportunity employer.


Su Dong and Charlie Young
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