bulletAn archive and index for conference proceedings in high-energy physics 
bulleteConf team: 
bulletMichael Peskin
bulletPat Kreitz 
bulletPatti Myers
bulletRuth McDunn
bulletSharon West

Why eConf ?

bulletConference proceedings are an important source of scientific information 
bulletTraditional published proceedings 
bulletsignificant editorial expense occurs before publisher is involved 
bulletpublisher adds publicity/distribution value 
bulletpublisher charges on average $100/volume 
bulletcommercial publisher takes 3-6 months 
bulletCan we replace this with a low-cost alternative?

Technical Information Services developed a solution:

All the pieces currently exist

bulletEditors download our templates 
bulletfor papers 
bulletfor Web pages: title page, table of contents, etc. 
bulletAuthors submit papers to 
bulletEditors collect/edit, build web pages, send us all files 
bulletWe hold in eConf in one of two versions

Conference can be in the Archive in two formats:

bulletEprint Edition: 
bullethtml table of contents, etc. and papers residing at  
bulletFull Text Edition: 
bullettraditional book format, stored article by article in ps, pdf 
bulletretrievable by article or as a whole through html index 
bulletBOTH will be indexed in SPIRES-HEP

Next steps ?

bulletCurrent eConf site contains 
bulletLepton Photon 99 
bulletLinac 2000 
bulletNew conferences interested in eConf: 
bulletCOSMO 01 
bulletSnowmass 2001 
bulletUser-friendly forms 
bulletReplace distribution mechanisms of commercial publishers

P. Kreitz, November 3, 2000, SLAC Key Managers Meeting