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ePrint Proceedings

An eprint proceeding is simply a list of titles and authors linked to proceedings papers submitted and housed at the eprint archive at Cornell (formerly known as the LANL eprint archive).

In this mode, the proceedings editors require that authors submit proceedings papers to the eprint arXiv. The organizers then supply eConf with html pages which consist of a title page and a table of contents page with links to the eprint numbers assigned by the eprint arXiv, plus any additional html pages (and graphics) that give basic information about the conference. 

bulletSample eprint conference proceedings

Full-Text eProceedings

A full-text eproceeding is a traditional conference proceeding that is published electronically to the eConf archive instead of being sent to a printer or publishing house for hardcopy distribution.

In this mode, the proceedings editors prepare a traditional proceedings book. The editors then supply eConf with PDF files containing the various chapters of the book, a set of files from which the entire book may be assembled, and a set of html pages consisting of the title page and table of contents page for these files plus any additional html pages (and graphics) that give basic information about the conference. 

bullet Sample full-text conference proceedings


The SPIRES-HEP preprint database contains bibliographic summaries of half a million particle physics papers. Included are preprints, journal articles, technical reports, theses, and searchable by author, title, report number, institution, collaboration, and more. Find citations of your favorite author or article, view postscript or PDF versions of selected preprints, and read abstracts of the e-print arXiv papers. 

ePrint arXiv

The eprint arXiv, pronounced archive, (also known as the e-print arXiv, and arXiv) is  located at  The arXiv was created by Paul Ginsparg and co-developed with scientists and researchers as a means for using the Web as a mechanism for peer review of their scientific papers.  Put into service in 1991, the arXiv is a growing knowledge bank that is a repository for scientific information self-posted by authors. The standard of work archived at this site is very high. 70% of papers are eventually published in journals and another 20% are in conference proceedings. 

(For more information on the arXiv, see interesting Ginsparg article)   

ePrint Number

The number that is assigned to a paper submitted to by the eprint arXiv. This number is used by authors for searching, reference information and is also used to pull in relevant papers into the SPIRES-HEP database.

Paper Status Number

A paper status number (PSN) is a sequential number that incorporates meaningful information about individual proceedings papers.  Typically this would include the day of the week, session, type of talk, and the order the talk will take place in the conference program. For example, the number TUAP03 would be assigned to a Session A poster presentation scheduled for the third time slot on Tuesday.

When these numbers are assigned to the finalized Program, the editors and authors can easily track papers through the eprint arXiv and any other delivery method. When submitting conference papers to the arXiv, it is important that the PSN number be noted in the comments, so that the papers can be included in the SPIRES database.

Publisher Rights and eConf

If you plan to have a publisher produce a copyrighted version of your proceedings, you will need to get written authorization from the publishing house to post the electronic version to the eConf site.

You can send a copy of the written authorization to:

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Attn:  eConf Editors
2575 Sand Hill Road M/S 97
Menlo Park, CA 94025


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