The study of TeV gamma-ray emission from galactic sources such as supernova remnants (SNR) may provide key insights into their potential role as accelerators of cosmic rays up to the knee (~10^15 eV) . The VERITAS Observatory is sensitive to galactic and extragalactic gamma-ray sources in the 100 GeV to 50 TeV energy range. We report here on VERITAS observations of two regions that show complex emission in the GeV and TeV gamma-ray regime.

We consider first the vicinity of the cocoon of freshly accelerated cosmic rays reported by Fermi, which lies between potential accelerators in the Cygnus OB2 association and the gamma Cygni SNR; this discussion will include studies of the TeV gamma-ray sources connected with these potential accelerators (TeV J2023+4130 and VER J2019+407). We will also report on recent observations of complex TeV emission from MGRO J1908+06.