The recently discovered locus occupied by the gamma-ray emitting blazars in the WISE mid-infrared color space has proved to be effective at the association of unidentified gamma-ray sources with candidate blazars extracted from WISE catalog. In this poster, we discuss the radio properties of a sample of CRATES sources identified as blazars candidates using the association method based on the WISE blazars. We then compare the radio and mid-infrared properties of the subsets of CRATES sources associated to gamma-ray sources in the 2FLG and not associated to any gamma-ray sources. Finally, we find that the association of 2FGL sources with mid-infrared candidate blazars (based on the WISE colors method) has effectiveness comparable to the association method based on the existence of radio counterparts in the CRATES catalog. In conclusion, we argue that the mid-infrared spectral properties of WISE candidate blazars associated to gamma-ray sources seem to be as fundamental as their radio-loudness in the identification of blazars.