The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has shed new light on many types of galactic objects, including Supernova Remnants (SNRs). With over 15 SNRs identified to date and over 40 candidates in the 2nd LAT Catalog (2FGL), we are beginning to have sufficient numbers of objects to perform GeV SNR population studies. Moreover, with the wealth of multiwavelength (MW) data available, we can now characterize in a uniform and consistent manner the GeV emission in all regions containing known SNRs.

This permits the first systematic study of SNRs including GeV data, allowing us to classify SNRs and to separate effects of evolution and environment. In combination with MW data, we can constrain emission models of the underlying particle populations, allowing us to quantify both SNR characteristics and SNRs’ aggregate contribution to Galactic cosmic rays in a statistically significant manner. We will present progress towards the SNR catalog and preliminary results, including an emerging distinction between young SNRs and those interacting with denser media and indications of a radio-gamma correlation for the latter.